Optical Data Associates


BRDF Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Factor PE Perkin-Elmer
DTGS Deuterated Tryglycine Sulfate PMT Photomultiplier tube
FIR Far Infrared (25 - 100 µm) RB Reference Beam
IR Infrared SB Sample Beam
IS Integrating Sphere SBW Spectral Band Width
MIR Middle Infrared (2 - 25 µm) SFM Spectrofluorometer
NIR Near Infrared (0.7 - 2 µm) SPM Spectrophotometer
NIST Nat'l Inst. of Science & Technology SRM Standard Reference Material
NRCC National Research Council of Canada UV Ultraviolet (0.1 - 0.4 µm)
ODA Optical Data Associates, LLC Vis. Visible (0.4 - 0.7 µm)


A Absorptance T Transmittance
E Emittance T Temperature
k Wavenumber W Watt
k Extinction coefficient α Absorption coefficient
n Refractive index θ Angle of incidence
R Reflectance λ Wavelength
ν Frequency


m meter cm centimeter = 10-2 m
mm millimeter = 10-3 m µm micrometer = micron = 10-6 m
nm nanometer = 10-9 m sr steradian